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Sanyo ABC-VW24A Instruction Manual

Sanyo Type K1 Series Technical & Service Manual Applicable Models : SGP-E70K1*U2 : SGP-E90K1*U2 : SGP-E120K1*U2W : SGP-E150K1*U2W : SGP-E190K1*U2W : SGP-E240K1*U2W
1. Symptoms that are not malfunctions, 2. Malfunctions and Displays, 3. Abnormality Display and Troubleshooting, 4. Reference Material, 5. Outdoor Unit Electrical Wiring Diagram

Sanyo XS1852 Technical & Service Manual C1852, CL1852
operating range - specifications - dimensional data - performance charts - air throw distance chart - refrigerant flow diagram - installation instructions - electrical data - electrical wiring diagrams - processes and functions - service procedures