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This is a free download of the MC44608 or a link to a site where you can find the MC44608.

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Canon Pixma MP960 Parts Catalog

Canon Pixma MP810 Service Manual
Canon Pixma MP810 Service Manual Contents: maintenance, list of error display / indication, repair, machine transportation, new technologies, cleaning mode and amount of ink purged, print mode, faq (problems specific to the mp810 corrective actions), block diagram, connector location and pin layout, specifications

Yamaha M-85 Service Manual Stereo Power Amplifier

Onkyo DV-CP702 Service Manual DVD Changer
Onkyo DV-CP702 Service Manual Contents: specifications, service procedures, panel view, exploded view, block diagram, schematic diagram, pc board connection diagram, printed circuit board view, ic block diagram/ terminal description, fl tube view, part replacement, update firmware, packing view, printed circuit board parts list, exploded view parts list

Panasonic FP-D355 Service Manual
Panasonic FP-D355 Service Manual Contents: Introduction, Sub Assemblies, Preventive Maintenance, PCB Connector and Signal Information, Troubleshooting, Unpacking/Installation, Glossary of Terms, Schematic Diagram

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